Interim Wardrobe Frustrations

I have been in a weight-loss plateau for a while…a long while…since the end of December. I keep thinking I’ll kick my weight-loss back into gear and finish my goal of losing 50 to 60 pounds. Having lost 27 already, it seems like I should be able to knock this one out in just a few months, but months have gone by and no such thing has happened. Meanwhile, I’m mostly wearing what I have in the closet and it’s getting boring. I don’t want to start buying new clothes until I’ve met my goal, but I’m in wardrobe limbo in the meanwhile.

The weight came on gradually, over the course of many years, so when I lost it I found that the clothes that started to fit were a bit older. Some of them were “hopeful” clothes that I’d bought more recently but never fit into…they still had tags on them and it’s been fun to finally fit into them. I have even more “hopeful” clothes that are still too small.

I’ve happily gotten rid of the clothes that are too big, and the clothes I’ve been wearing are even a bit baggy now, but my closet seems to be bare of my new size. I don’t know where all those clothes went. Perhaps I tossed them or donated them when they got too small, especially if they were getting old. Whatever the case, I have a closet full of clothes of many sizes, but only a few things that fit me now.

My work wardrobe, in particular is getting pretty tired. I call it my “work shirt” wardrobe as I have several golf shirts with the company logo on them that I can wear to work and they have become a staple. Early in my career, before kids, I had a nice wardrobe of skirted suits to wear to work. I had pretty pumps in many colors to coordinate with them. I had lovely blouses and attractive jewelry. Even though we are now business casual all the time, I want to get back to having a nicer wardrobe. My shirts are certainly acceptable in my work environment, but I would like to dress better.

I guess I’ve just found another one of my 50 things to accomplish before my birthday! It coordinates well with other goals such as losing weight and cleaning and organizing my closet. You’d think that training for a half-marathon would be aiding in the weight-loss process, but so far it hasn’t. Maybe as I kick things up in the coming weeks (nine mile run coming up this weekend) I’ll be able to drop some pounds.

I have a home shopping party in mid-September to attend where I can by some sharp new pieces for my wardrobe, so I even have a timeline to follow. I recently changed buildings at work and for the first time in years, the Weight Watchers at Work schedule works with mine…I am a lifetime member close to my goal weight (that I set as high as possible 22 years ago when I first joined), so theoretically I can attend for free. These things all seem to be lining up for me to finally get to my real goal weight.

Find the Joy in the Journey…and the Joy in making progress along the way!