The Perfect Pair of Pants

In all of my 50 by 50 goals, losing 50 pounds has always been at the top of the list…I didn’t bring the weight into my forties and I don’t want to take it out with me into my fifties. I lost over half of it in the last quarter of 2012, but I’ve been on a weight-loss plateau ever since.

My body did readjust itself in the first few months after my weight-loss and I dropped a size early in the year without further weight-loss. But since then, I’ve been wearing some rather old clothes and some more recent golf-shirts with my company logo on them. I bought a couple of pair of shorts for the summer and dug up a lot of old T-shirts to wear with them. My work wardrobe, however, suffered the most.

This past month, I attended another home shopping party, a CAbi event (Carol Anderson by invitation). I caved-in and bought a few things in my current size. These fit way better than what I’ve been wearing, but I also hesitated to spend the money since I am intent to pick-up my weight-loss challenge ASAP.

I wore my new pants to work, and got a lot of feedback that I’d lost weight recently. I even got this comment from someone I only met a few months ago. Hmm…well, with all the training I’ve been doing for the half-marathon, I must have built up some additional muscle. Since I haven’t dropped any weight, I must be losing fat so it seems logical that I’ve gotten a bit thinner while staying the same weight. Back home, I pulled out the tape measure to check my hypothesis that I had gotten thinner. No…if anything I’ve gotten a bit bigger.

So, why do I suddenly look thinner? Must be the pants. Instead of wearing short, blocky pants that make me look short and blocky, I now have a long, lean pair of pants. I have to wear heels with them, making my legs look even longer. I wore a fitted sweater with them rather than an untucked blouse and short jacket.

I’ve read that finding the perfectly-fitted pair of pants is very difficult. Women come in all sizes and shapes and so do pants; matching up the body to the perfect pair of pants is quite difficult. Tailoring is often necessary to get an almost-perfect pair to fit perfectly. Luckily for me, I found a perfect pair that requires no tailoring. Now to find that perfect jacket…

Find the Joy in the Journey…sometimes it’s the little things!


License To Eat…yup, I’m training for a half-marathon which is in a mere 9 days, and I am starving. I’m eating more than I was before I started training, but as it turns out, I may have given my brain the message that I am starving. My body mass index (BMI) is on the top edge of normal (i.e. on the bottom edge of overweight). So, how can my brain think I’m in starvation mode when my body has so many reserves of energy?

Yesterday I was complaining to a coworker that I was training for a half-marathon, yet I hadn’t lost any weight. On the other hand, I know that you are not supposed to try to lose weight while in training because you will be working at cross-purposes; you need more calories to keep your muscles fueled with carbs or you will have trouble reaching your running goal. Even so, as you increase your calorie burn, shouldn’t you lose weight anyway? To complicate this, I was also complaining about being hungry all the time. She said something that I should have thought of myself…even though I was eating more than normal, I was not eating enough and my body was reacting in starvation mode.20130913-222753.jpg

I guess my body likes to be this weight…I’ve maintained it for almost 9 months now. I’ll just have to wait another couple of weeks until after the race to diet and get on with the weight-loss. In the meanwhile, it’s time to pack in some carbs. Now THAT is my idea of heaven! I found a list of suggested snacks for post-run which are rich in carbs and protein without being too high in fat. It turned out that I already was eating some of them, like low-fat Greek yogurt, Nature Valley Protein Bars, and soy milk. I decided to try a few more and started with dates filled with peanut butter which turned out to be surprisingly good.

So, for once in my life, I have license to add calories because I’ve been running so much I’m creating a calorie deficit. It’s even possible that by adding calories I’ll convince my body that I’m not starving and I’ll actually lose a few pounds. I sure feel like I deserve it.

The last two days I gave myself permission to eat quite a bit more than I usually do, particularly carbs. I had two servings of a Greek Shrimp and Pasta dish last night. Today, I went out to lunch and had a green salad with nuts, fruit, and feta plus had a side of bread. This evening, I went to a picnic at my daughter’s school and ate pasta salad, berries, bread, and a slice of cake. Hmmm…I am definitely not hungry now…we’ll see how well I do on my 12 mile training run tomorrow…the last long run before the race.

Find the Joy in the Journey…and if you are training for a long race, enjoy those extra calories!

Interim Wardrobe Frustrations

I have been in a weight-loss plateau for a while…a long while…since the end of December. I keep thinking I’ll kick my weight-loss back into gear and finish my goal of losing 50 to 60 pounds. Having lost 27 already, it seems like I should be able to knock this one out in just a few months, but months have gone by and no such thing has happened. Meanwhile, I’m mostly wearing what I have in the closet and it’s getting boring. I don’t want to start buying new clothes until I’ve met my goal, but I’m in wardrobe limbo in the meanwhile.

The weight came on gradually, over the course of many years, so when I lost it I found that the clothes that started to fit were a bit older. Some of them were “hopeful” clothes that I’d bought more recently but never fit into…they still had tags on them and it’s been fun to finally fit into them. I have even more “hopeful” clothes that are still too small.

I’ve happily gotten rid of the clothes that are too big, and the clothes I’ve been wearing are even a bit baggy now, but my closet seems to be bare of my new size. I don’t know where all those clothes went. Perhaps I tossed them or donated them when they got too small, especially if they were getting old. Whatever the case, I have a closet full of clothes of many sizes, but only a few things that fit me now.

My work wardrobe, in particular is getting pretty tired. I call it my “work shirt” wardrobe as I have several golf shirts with the company logo on them that I can wear to work and they have become a staple. Early in my career, before kids, I had a nice wardrobe of skirted suits to wear to work. I had pretty pumps in many colors to coordinate with them. I had lovely blouses and attractive jewelry. Even though we are now business casual all the time, I want to get back to having a nicer wardrobe. My shirts are certainly acceptable in my work environment, but I would like to dress better.

I guess I’ve just found another one of my 50 things to accomplish before my birthday! It coordinates well with other goals such as losing weight and cleaning and organizing my closet. You’d think that training for a half-marathon would be aiding in the weight-loss process, but so far it hasn’t. Maybe as I kick things up in the coming weeks (nine mile run coming up this weekend) I’ll be able to drop some pounds.

I have a home shopping party in mid-September to attend where I can by some sharp new pieces for my wardrobe, so I even have a timeline to follow. I recently changed buildings at work and for the first time in years, the Weight Watchers at Work schedule works with mine…I am a lifetime member close to my goal weight (that I set as high as possible 22 years ago when I first joined), so theoretically I can attend for free. These things all seem to be lining up for me to finally get to my real goal weight.

Find the Joy in the Journey…and the Joy in making progress along the way!