Changing My Life One Tool At A Time

I started this blog when I was 47 and a half to document my growth as I hit 50. It was a wonderful journey and I learned so much about myself and about my place in the world. The last year of that journey, I kept a big secret…my divorce. I didn’t want to focus on anything negative. I went through a journey in front of you and a different journey outside of public purview. That was the right thing to do for me and my kids.

After that, my posts became less frequent. Not because I had no more stories to tell, not because I didn’t want to tell them…but because my energies turned inward to healing myself and my family. Then…I went back to school! I am a firm believer in re-inventing oneself over and over again…adapting to the world while living one’s authentic life.

I still have 15 graduate credits to earn before I attain my latest master’s degree. I can’t invent spare time, and if I could, boy would I be wealthy! So, my posts here will likely remain sporadic. This week, however, I came to an epiphany. I am ready to explore my life and future, no holds barred. I found two new tools that, I think, will help me to grow. I don’t think that these particular tools are right for everyone, but they meet my needs right where I am now.

A few years ago, I was running and training…I ran 4 half-marathons! I look back and I am amazed at who I was. It’s hard to admit, that I am still that woman since I am no longer in shape to run a half-marathon. A major medical issue followed by surgery kept me out of the running (see what I did there!) for a couple of years. I lost all the gains in health and physique that I gained back then and it’s been a struggle to get back to the point where I can tackle those issues all over again…but it is time.

The first of my new tools is a new running app. I have learned about myself that I do best in tackling a goal if I have a program…preferably one I can adopt at face value. I have used Couch to 5k, Bridge to 10k, and Hal Higdon’s Half-Marathon Training with great success. By great success, I mean that I followed through on the programs and was able to run races and celebrate achieving my personal goals.

Two months ago, I decided to jump back in to running. I chose to follow Bridge to 10k. It worked in that it got me out and running, but since I am heavier than when I last used the app…I never actually ran 10k. So, I found a new app…Running for Weight Loss. This one is different because it has a fee. It is $9.99 per month. I soon learned that I could buy a one year subscription for $39.99. So, I ran “for free” for the first run and decided to buy the app. It uses similar concepts to the other running apps, in that it builds up slowly. I know myself well enough to know that this will work for me.

The other tool I found is the Dreambook and Planner…I ordered it and it is on its way to me…I will explore it and let you know how it helps me. I am hopeful that it will help me to focus on my future and turn my dreams for the future into specific goals and in turn into actions that move me towards my chosen future.

Find the joy in the journey!