No Such Thing As A Typical Day

Today wasn’t a typical day, there is no such thing  for me lately. It was a day full of family, full of work, full of school, and full of complications.

I started out with an early meeting by calling in while I packed my lunch. I packed my backpack for school, including a protein bar, and decided to leave it at home to pick up later. At work, I was immersed immediately.

This week, my global colleagues are in town, so my focus turned toward them and their reason for being here. Simultaneously, I had to focus on a crisis. Oh, then there was my normal job…and some people-related projects that I needed to complete.

E-mail got the triage treatment and so did meetings. I went from meeting to meeting, ending up in a personnel meeting. I had carpool duty to get my daughter and her friend from basketball practice, but I couldn’t leave until I’d given my input on a particular issue.

When I got out of the office it was a quarter past four. Snow started falling as I walked to my car. I had to scrape some ice off of my car and I started worrying about the roads. I hit the highway during rush hour traffic and the snow continued to fall. Traffic crawled along. I called in to my next meeting, and my next. I arrived at my daughter’s school after five.

The girls were hungry, and wanted to stop for pizza, but I was trying to get to my own school by 6. I called into my final meeting of the day and dealt with even worse traffic and weather. I told my daughter that I didn’t really want to go to school…I hate being late. She, of course, told me that I had to go…no excuses! She got a kick out of throwing my own words back at me. After dropping the girls off and having my daughter run in the house for my backpack, I slowly drove to school a few miles over slippery roads. I was over half an hour late.

I slipped into the classroom as the professor was showing some of the students a well screen. It didn’t seem as if I’d missed much. Perhaps class had started late. I was dreading another quiz…it still takes me quite some time to puzzle through my homework. I know that the quizzes are his way of gauging whether or not we understand what he is teaching us, but they are stressful none the less. I’ve finally realized that we will get a quiz every week, but that doesn’t make me any less stressed.

At first glance, the quiz was something I hadn’t been able to do on my homework and I started to feel some panic rising …but he’d just shown us a chart related to the problem and suddenly I realized that maybe I did understand how to do it. I got to work. I plotted my data, drew my line, found my constant, and started solving equations. I was careful with my unit conversions, something drilled into me way back in college. Finishing up, I looked around and I saw that I was the only one who was done.

The professor hurried over to check my work. He smiled and handed it back with a nod of approval. When others finished, he checked theirs and made comments like, “that answer is way too large” or “that answer is way to small”…mine, it seems was “just right”.

After class, I packed up my backpack and walked back to my car. I took a deep breath of the icy air and smiled. I’m getting it, I really am!

Find the Joy in the Journey…and the wonder of a lifetime of learning!




A Day In My Life, Lived Fully

I awoke glad to have skipped shoveling the snow after 6 inches fell on Wednesday. By the end of the day, the driveway and walks would be clear after two warmer, sunny days. I brought my daughter to school, and then returned home to work and to wait for the Comcast technician to come and fix my phone service.

I got my work laptop and associated internet phone service up and running and called in to meeting after meeting. When the technician came, I juggled conversations with him and keeping up with my meetings. He eventually got the phones working by re-wiring all the jacks. I’m not sure why that was necessary, except that I got the impression that the first tech who installed the service had re-wired some of them in an attempt to get my service to work…which it didn’t.

This somehow messed up my connection to the corporate server, so I switched to my cell phone for the rest of my morning meetings. I had a lull in my schedule around noon, so I ate a hasty lunch and drove to the office for more meetings. I don’t regularly telecommute, but I had enjoyed the relative solitude of the morning. The afternoon was a rush of phone calls and meetings.

I had another opportunity to slip in some gym time. My daughter was in a play and then going to a Girl Scouts overnight to work on her Silver Award. Another family offered to take her with them to dinner before the play, then afterward to drive her to the Scout leader’s house which was near their own. In exchange, I would pick their daughter up in the morning and take her to her home. So, I had an extra hour before having to be at their school to see the play.

At the gym, I felt more confident this time, and worked my way through the lower body workout. It was easier than my first attempt at the upper body workout, but I know my legs, after all the running that I’ve done, are ready for weight training. As I drove home for a quick dinner, I wondered if I should try to do both upper and lower body workouts at one time. It would be much more efficient and easier to fit into my schedule; something to think about.

I slipped in to the school’s auditorium just in time to hear the director describe how he had taken the ideas of all of the children into account to write a play to satisfy them all. It was part Nordic elf legend and part Celtic fairy legend and full of fairy queens with long dresses. My daughter was the Summer Queen, wearing the orange chiffon dress that I’d stressed over in an earlier post.

As the play unfolded, a beautiful young woman in a long orange dress entered the stage and in a commanding fashion, made her statements amongst the discussion with the other queens. It was a moment to be lived fully and committed to memory, seeing my youngest child practically grown up, doing something she loves.

After many photos, hugs, and smiles, I left her and drove home alone. I pulled out an old favorite movie and watched it unfold as I wrote about my day.

Find the Joy in the Journey…the Joy in every day!