Still Time To Celebrate

I took three weeks off of work and go back tomorrow. I had plans, oh did I ever, and today I was feeling some remorse at not accomplishing “anything” during my break. With a little retrospection, though, I realize that I had a lovely time, very low-key, very different from my regular busy schedule.

I spent three days driving to and from St. Louis to help my daughter pack up her dorm room and move out. She’s off to Spain in a few days for a semester. What I feared would be a grueling trip, turned out to be way less stressful than I had feared and allowed me time to enjoy my daughter’s company uninterrupted for hours at a time. It also allowed me time to visit my sister in Chicago, where I crashed both nights of the trip.

I’ve spent a lot of time the rest of my break driving my younger daughter to and from basketball…school stops for a while, but basketball never does. Rather than drive home between drop-off and pick-up, I stuck around. Twice I did grocery shopping, for our Christmas dinner and then for New Year’s Day, when we have a special family meal to kick things off right. Then, I went to the local sub shop and ate a sandwich while reading a book. Not a bad way to spend my time at all.

Christmas was filled with traditions, old and new. I went to Carols and Lessons with friends and we all met back at my place afterward where we talked and laughed and really enjoyed the time with one another that we so rarely get. My daughters and I went to Mass on Christmas Eve, put out cookies for Santa, wrapped gifts, filled stockings, and slept-in on Christmas morning. We opened gifts and cooked all of our favorite holiday foods, then ate the fruits of our labors.

My son came home a few days later, and then my mom arrived. We had a mini-Christmas with them, then on to New Years Eve when we stayed in and drank our bubbly apple cider or champagne and toasted one another. New Years Day brought the pork and sauerkraut recipe, repeated every year that I can remember.

Tomorrow, I go back to work and back to crazy. There will be carpool for school and basketball, and hopefully a class or two for me at night. Work will start-up at a fever pitch and I may be traveling as well.

Tonight, however, we have one more celebration to go. We’re celebrating a milestone birthday, belatedly, with my mom. Dressed up, ready to go. Snow has finally shown up, and we’ll have a lovely dinner out before settling down in a house full of family and love before the chaos hits in the morning.

Find the Joy in the Journey…celebrate the moment, and don’t worry about the To Do List for a change!



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