Exhaustion–Labor Pains, Jet Lag…and Carpool?

Anytime that I have to make a big adjustment in my schedule, I end up exhausted during the change. This applies to starting a new school year, starting a new position at work, and other such big adjustments. This time, however, the change is due to my younger daughter starting high school. All of a sudden, my schedule is shifted. I need to get up an hour early so that I can take my daughter to school. Actually, if I consistently got up an hour earlier, I’d probably be ok by now, but instead, I joined a carpool. Carpool is a lifesaver…well, at least it is a job-saver. From a sleep perspective, I’m all over the map.

As a single, working mom, it’s probably insanity to send my youngest to a school thirty minutes away from home (and job…which is by home). Thing is, I can’t limit her options to something narrower than what I offered her older siblings. I just refuse. I know my circumstances are different, but that’s just who I am. It may take more sacrifice, but, hey, I’m her mom. When her sister went the same high school, I got lucky and found an upper-class woman to drive her to school the first two years. I didn’t have to do a carpool.

So, I’m supposed to be in the middle of my half-marathon training so that I can survive the Detroit International Free Press Half-Marathon in October…ok, I’ve done four other halfs in the last year, but seriously? I trained hard for the first and then ran two more while still at my “peak”…then my work buddies paid my registration for a Spring half to keep me motivated…that required training from scratch…as does this next race. Sigh.

So here I am. I’m dealing with some un-named (sorry!) stressors that should be over within a month and I’m starting this new, carpooling schedule. It’s all relative, it’s all soon to be over, adjusted-for, managed. But in the meanwhile, I…am…so…tired! Running is at the bottom of my list…writing has fallen even more by the wayside. I am distraught at falling behind in so many areas of my life. But, in the meantime, my main focus is getting my youngest to school as she starts high school.

There are other consequences to sending her to a school so far away…her friends are scattered across southest Michigan…and…she…can’t…drive. Sigh. She and a couple of friends want to cheer on a boy they know at his first soccer game…a worknight. His school is even farther away than hers. She wants me to drop everything to get her there. I am looking ahead and cannot see spending all of my evenings getting my child to social events beyond even her own school events.

So, my girl and I have many things to navigate. Partnering with other parents is my new mantra.  I currently have a boomarang child at home…so he is being called in to provide transportation too. I’ll manage. I must.

Find the Joy in the Journey…and don’t be afraid to ask for help!


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