Forgetting the Jordans

Today was the last day of regular season AYBT basketball for my younger daughter. It was my turn to drive my daughter and two of her teammates. I arrived as planned at 8:00 to pick up the first girl and as planned at 8:10 for the second girl. We headed off for the tournament with a bit of time to spare. That turned out to be a good thing because when we got closer to the venue, there were road closures that cut us off and we had to find our way around. Even so, we rolled in at exactly 9 a.m. As we gathered our things to get out of the car my daughter looked around in bewilderment for the bag where she keeps her basketball shoes.

The shoes were an early birthday gift, Jordans. They were her pride and joy. When we bought them, the store had some on sale for $49 and I was dreaming of a good deal. I pointed them out to my daughter, but she dismissed them immediately because they weren’t in any color she wanted. Instead, she chose another pair at full price. I smiled and wished her a happy birthday as I paid for them. She’d been wearing them all season and at least she hadn’t outgrown them or lost them…she’d just left them at home. She asked if we could go back and get them, but that would have taken an hour and a half and her first game was in an hour. She was wearing a cheap pair of gym shoes, not particularly suitable for playing three forty-minute games, but they’d have to do.

We walked into the school and found ourselves to be the first there for the 10 a.m. game. There wasn’t time to go home for the shoes, but maybe I could buy her a cheap pair before game time. I pulled out my phone and looked up sporting goods stores. There was one only 5 miles away, so I offered to take my daughter to see if we could get her another pair of shoes. Her two friends wanted to come along, so we set off. As we arrived around 9:20 it dawned on me that the store wasn’t likely to be open so early on a Sunday…but they were.

imageMiraculously, we found a pair of men’s basketball shoes in her size on clearance for $20. With a sigh of relief, I bought the shoes and we headed back to the school. By that time, the coach was texting the girls to find out when they would arrive and I realized, belatedly, that I’d taken quite a risk. If we’d returned after 10, our team would have been down to only 4 players for the first game! The shoes are bright white, totally uncool. I’m hoping her feet are done growing and now she has a “good” pair and a back-up pair that we can keep in the trunk of the car.

This crazy summer season of summer-league softball and AYBT basketball is almost over. My daughter’s team won the softball championship on Friday and all the regular basketball tournaments are over. Next up, a trip to Indiana for the AYBT Nationals!

Find the Joy in the Journey…the right shoes, like the right tools, make the job easier!


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