I Signed Up For This…What Is Wrong With Me?

I have three children, but two are theoretically “grown”. Now it’s mostly me and my baby…uh, I mean high-schooler. She’s always been extremely active, an extrovert, an athlete, and a joiner. Last year she played summer-league softball and played on an American Youth Basketball Tour (AYBT) team. I about died…

Therefore, this year, I made her pick between softball and basketball…after all, she’d played both in their normal seasons and this was just extra. She picked basketball, her favorite sport. Last year, her CYO program couldn’t field a softball team, so I felt compelled to put her in the summer league. She loves basketball, so I also let her join AYBT…This year, however, she could play spring softball and when I made her choose, she chose basketball. Then her softball coach e-mailed me…

So, this weekend was the confluence of three teams…play-offs for CYO softball, first AYBT tournament, first scrimmage for summer softball. On the schedule were 2 softball games, 5 basketball games, 2 softball practices, and one basketball practice. You can imagine a lot of overlap. So, on top of helping her prioritize, I faced an entire weekend of driving, sports, and no personal time.

Fortunately, a few of us parents have joined forces. The first weekend was a success. I had a conflict on Saturday morning and couldn’t take my daughter to her playoff game. No problem! Another parent picked her up and I joined them later and watched the last half of the game. Unfortunately they lost, but my daughter wouldn’t have been able to play any more playoff games because she’s going on a school trip starting on Monday. We drove home and had some lunch, then she was picked up again for the first two games in her basketball tournament.

I tried to take advantage of my free time, and I did make it to the gym to do both my upper and lower body workouts. Other than that, though, I didn’t really do a whole lot. It dawned on me that just having down time was essential to my well-being. On Sunday morning, it was my turn to get the girls to the AYBT tournament, so I picked them up and drove for almost an hour to the “local” high school hosting this weekend’s event. I stayed and watched them play their third and fourth games. Unfortunately they lost all of their games, but they did play very well and the games were very close, including overtime in the fourth game.

At that point, another family arrived to relieve me and I drove home alone. I was ready for a six-mile run and set off in the sunshine. It was a little tougher going than I’d anticipated. I was about a mile from home when I gave out and walked the rest of the way. Later I learned it had been ninety degrees out. I hadn’t brought any water with me and the heat and dehydration had done me in.

Back home, I found my daughter ready for her scrimmage, so I drove her over and dropped her off before returning for a shower. Tired but refreshed, I headed back to the ball field to watch her team play for the first time this season. I pulled out a book and read while they played, putting it down when my daughter was up at bat.

I survived the first weekend, so there is hope for the next two months of nearly non-stop practices and games.

Find the Joy in the Journey…and the Joy in joining together with others to accomplish your goals!


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