Every Day I Write Is A Good Day

I’ve been dealing with a lot of personal stress lately and reading, writing, and running have taken a back seat to simple survival. I’ve noticed that I lose equilibrium when I skip any of these things, so I will examine each individually, starting with writing.

I’ve found it difficult lately to keep up with my every-other-day blog-posting schedule. I have, for the first time in the three years that I’ve been blogging, missed a few. I’ve become creative with writing posts after-the-fact then pre-dating them (guilty for this post). I find myself doing lots of writing in an evening to catch up with a lot of days of not writing.

This blog has become a lot of things to me over the years (yes, years!) and some of them were not things I anticipated. For one thing, I now see it as a legacy for my children, and maybe even my grandchildren. Not that my children usually read it, but it is here for them. I never anticipated it as a way to connect with my parents, but it has done that for me too. My dad is my biggest fan and my mom enjoys the pieces I write about my childhood…seeing how differently I see things in memory than how she remembers them.

Writing can be cathartic…although the things I most need catharsis on are not things I post publicly. So, this blog is opening up more of me than I imagined to public scrutiny, but still the really painful things are held back. More importantly, this blog has been self revelatory. I often say I have a poor memory, especially of my childhood, but I’ve been able to remember things long forgotten (and still forgotten by everyone else involved…hmmm…).

It has inspired me to try new things and re-try old things. I read more than I have since my twenties and I certainly write more than I ever have. Even my running is linked to the blog. It has given me much fodder for posts and made me feel accountable to finish what I set out to do. I’ve not been as successful with other goals, but running is one which I will keep coming back to.

Although I’ve gotten behind on the blog, I still have ambitions to finish my novel and the two follow-on books that are incubating in my brain. I’ve thought about going to a writers’ conference and I’ve got one in mind. I just need to work out the logistics and apply. I have learned about myself that I can make myself accountable by putting my money where my mouth is, usually in the form of a race entry fee, and having a concrete, step-by-step plan (usually created by someone else).

I recently wrote about happiness, and one thing that makes people happy is planning a vacation. I can plan a trip to a writers’ conference and accomplish two things at once…moving closer to a lifetime goal, and getting happy in the process.

Embrace what makes you happy and helps you keep your equilibrium so that you can…

Find the Joy in the Journey!

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2 thoughts on “Every Day I Write Is A Good Day

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