Chaos Reigns

I’ve missed writing my last three posts. I’ve not gotten a run in lately. I’ve been to the gym a couple of times, but haven’t been able to keep it up. My house is a mess. My mind is racing. What gives?

Sometimes, things just catch up with me. I’ve been dealing with some stressful situations, and I suppose that is what it all adds up to. I’ve also been busy trying to keep up with my daughter’s schedule. CYO softball is in full swing with two to three practices and two to four games a week and now practice has started for summer league. Even so, with all the progress I’ve been making recently, I’m sorely disappointed to be backtracking.

To be honest, I’ve struggled with keeping up with my posting schedule for several weeks now. It makes me wonder how dedicated I am to this particular part of my life. When I try to find time to reflect on this, I fail. But, in just this small moment of reflection, I know that I do want to keep up with my every-other-day posting schedule and I still want to work on my novel…something I’ve not done recently.

I still want to keep up with my running and I’ve signed-up for a 5.25 mile, hilly race over Memorial Day Weekend and I’ve signed-up for the Detroit International Half-Marathon in October. In between, I need to do a lot. I need to lose weight. My experience is that I shave a minute off per mile for every ten pounds and I have some weight to spare. I also need to build muscles, because that is ultimately what will help me stay healthy into my later years.

So, I’ve done really well with my training plans so far. I find that I need, yes, really need, to have a plan in place to succeed. If I don’t have a plan in place, I do not do well. But, (oh, there’s always a but) I’ve been under a lot of pressure at work and I’ve been under a lot of stress at home. The missing element is my ability to bridge the gap when push comes to shove and my very core is being challenged.

I’ve just dedicated two days, with another to come, to the careers of almost 500 people at work. I take it very seriously. At the same time, I’ve neglected to look at my own career and give the necessary input to my own management that I’m asking of those in the non-management ranks. How can I have spent almost three years on this blog talking about myself without stepping back and thinking about how I want to proceed at work?

The short answer is that I purposely separated my personal self from my work self. Now I need to address my entire self. I will attempt this going forward.

Find the Joy in the Journey…


2 thoughts on “Chaos Reigns

  1. I understand how you feel, but you should cut yourself some slack. You appear to be a “Wonder Woman” as is.
    That being said, self assessment needs to be done periodically.
    Stay healthy.

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