Celebrating The Good News With My Kids

As my children get older, I treasure all the more having them home for holidays. I know the day will come when first one, and then another will find themselves having to split holidays between their own family and their partner’s family. When they start having kids of their own, likely they’ll expect family to come to them.

My older daughter came home on Wednesday night and we three girls stopped for sushi and girl talk. I just love how the girls get along even with a big gap in age. They got me to take them out shopping later in the week (OMG—I’m A Maxinista!) where the prospect of mom paying for new clothes created a kind of carnival atmosphere (ok, ok, I enjoyed it too!).

My son arrived on Saturday, just in time for the Easter festivities. We dyed eggs first. I’d purchased the Star Wars version just for him. My older daughter, an art student, worked with care. The rest of us were more slapdash. I was into layering the colors to get newer, prettier hues. After egg dying, the kids ran up to the attic to find their Easter baskets. Once we were all asleep, the bunny came and hid eggs throughout the house, filled the baskets and hid those too.

Fortunately for my beauty sleep, the kids no longer wake before dawn and beg to be allowed to get up. We all gathered in the kitchen, where I was putting cinnamon rolls in the oven. They asked for a shot-gun-style start, so I gave them the old One! Two! Three! Go! And off they ran. My older daughter always gets the most eggs and usually finds all of the baskets in the process. This year was no different. My son always ends up with the fewest eggs, and often only with a hint or two from me. Fortunately, my older daughter redistributed her eggs to make it all come out even. image

As my children were hunting Easter eggs and Easter baskets, I encountered a basket of my own. Intrigued, I looked around to my children. They feigned innocence, but with sly glances and smirks. Inside I found: organic, dark chocolate peanut butter cups, a Chapstick, three nail polishes (each in its own Easter egg), and a poster of RJ Mitte, signed for me: “Thanks for watching”.  Mitte, for the uninitiated, starred in Breaking Bad as Walter’s son. He has cerebral palsy and spoke at my daughter’s school about overcoming adversity.

Then we dressed up, me in a new dress thanks to the shopping trip, and walked over to church. Baptismal vows renewed, blessed, and uplifted by the Good News, we headed out to brunch afterward. I really should not go to buffets as I can barely resist temptation. I try to edit out things that I can get any other time and things that I can do without. Even so, I managed to try many delicious dishes and eat an entire lemon meringue pie…well, it was only an inch and a half across, but by then I felt as if I’d eaten a full-sized version.

I asked my older daughter to snap a picture of me, since I was all dressed up, so that I could put it on a dating website. I think the result requires an entire post of its own. The bottom line was lots of attention and not a single match.

My older daughter asked to drive home, all of a half mile, so I gave her the valet ticket and money for a tip and watched her navigate the latest new situation. What can I say, I love my kids and love seeing them succeed.

Find the Joy in the Journey…may it be a Blessed Journey, indeed!


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