OMG–I’m A Maxinista!

My younger daughter has been asking me to take her dress shopping, so the other day I took her to the mall to look for a graduation dress…she’s soon to leave middle school behind. She tried on a lovely, green, lace dress that fit her perfectly. She didn’t like the neckline. She didn’t like any of the other dresses either.  She ended up trying on shorts and tops. Meanwhile, to kill the time, I tried on a few things. I ended up with a navy dress and a green top that I could wear with a suit or with jeans.

I’ve previously mentioned how dangerous it is for me to take my daughter shopping, but on the other hand, I do need some new things. If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that somewhere along the way I lost my clothes-shopping gene. I mostly rely on my closet, the internet, Target, and more recently CAbi home shopping parties. With my older daughter home for Easter, the girls corralled me into taking them shopping. At first it was just a trip to Target for deodorant (“it’s all gone, Mom!”), but soon a side trip to TJ Maxx was innocently tacked on in the guise of dress shopping.

I got out of Target spending under $20. I mention that only because it is unprecedented. by anyone. ever. We got back in the car and headed down to TJ Maxx. I’d been there once before to buy my daughter a Royal blue peacoat for her birthday…a very specific request, and one that didn’t require me to spend much time in the store.

I trailed my daughters to the dresses and my younger daughter eagerly showed me a dress but then moved on. I took a look at the dress, which was a bit sophisticated for a 13-almost-14-year-old. Her size wasn’t on the rack, so I looked through another rack and found it. When I showed it to her, she said, “oh, not for me, Mom…for you!” Huh. It was lovely.

As my daughters shopped, I went through the active wear rack. Hmmm…I found a pair of long running shorts. They’ll be nice in warm weather rather than wearing knee-length tights. Then I found a windbreaker with a hood…nice for running in a light summer rain. Eventually I tried on the dress. Wow. A winner! Then I needed shoes. There wasn’t much of a selection, but I found a pair of nude pumps, the new classic, in my size.

CandlesAs my kids continued to shop, I found some candles that were just perfect for a pair of clearance candle holders I’d recently purchased from Target. My daughters caught up with me with their own finds and, tearing ourselves away from the rest of the merchandise, we headed for the check-out.

A little shopping goes a long way with me, but I’m happy to have not one, but two, dresses to choose from for Easter.

Find the Joy in the Journey and the Joy in spending time with your children as they grow up.


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