Still Working On The Kitchen…Water Bottle Overload

Can I say that de-cluttering is a non-glamorous activity? I’ve decided to go room-by-room and not move on until the chosen room is completely decluttered. Therefore, I am becoming bored by my slavish dedication to cleaning my kitchen. It’s a big kitchen. I am tired of it. I am still not done. This week, I took on the water bottles.

So, I try my darndest not to buy any new water bottles, but some of these things sneak in as free give-aways. There is the water bottle that came with my treadmill. There is one that is attributed to the Methodist Church in my hometown…I’m Catholic. There is one from my bank…I don’t recall why my bank of a dozen years would suddenly reward me with a water bottle, but, whatever.

I could go off on a tangent about coffee cups or pens, but even without that, I cannot explain the plethora of water bottles. I resist buying new ones with religious zeal, and yet even I agreed to let my younger daughter buy a Gatorade bottle. She said it was uniquely qualified to provide her with hydration during her softball practices. Funny how two of our older bottles have the same type of top…the “unique” feature that she used to convince me to buy her the new bottle.

But, back to my kitchen. The intentional water bottles, Camelbak’s, for example, were represented but in fractions. A broken valve, a missing straw, even missing the entire bottle top. How could I pitch any of these? A simple bottle cost over $12 and a logo-ed one double that. I tried to segregate them into useful categories, that is by how useful they are. That didn’t help. Then I asked my daughters to tell me which to eliminate. Nothing. Then I asked them to pick the ones they wanted to keep and suddenly there was a rush of movement.

water bottlesThey snatched up their favorites, then a few more. In the end more than half were slated to be saved. I had cleaned out a drawer for them and the selected bottles all fit. One, a memento of their gradeschool, which closed unexpectedly, was deemed not worth saving (it had no top and we think we found it lying around the grounds, already an outcast) so we recycled it. Several others belong to my son and they’ll go into a box in his room…more things for him to sort out for himself. We still have too many water bottles, but (lame excuse) I have a place to keep them and they are out of sight, so they get to stay.

Drawer by drawer, cupboard by cupboard, I vow to clean this room! I look forward to a clutter-free countertop and eliminating a dozen water bottles that had been on the counter, helps. Meanwhile, my kitchen is a disaster! I’ve pulled so  many things out of the drawers and cupboards for their own judgement days that the countertops are completely covered. Making dinner is a challenge. Time to double-down and get it done. Then, I’ll move on to the family room (shudder!).

Find the Joy in the Journey…and the Joy of an orderly water-bottle drawer!




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