It’s All About The (Athletic) Shoes

I wrote a few months ago about mail ordering skate shoes for my daughter as a Christmas present in It’s All About The Shoes. Well, it’s still all about the shoes. I trip over her size 10 and a half shoes every time I come in or out of the back door…the shoes seem to multiply. Alas, she needs still more shoes. Softball season is upon us and last year’s shoes are way too small.

When I picked her up from practice on Saturday, I learned that outdoor playing would start this week and it was time to get the softball cleats. Off to the sporting goods store we went. We found two kinds of women’s cleats and the salesman indicated that she was free to choose from the plethora of men’s cleats too, given her shoe size. We chose one of the relatively inexpensive women’s pairs. Mission accomplished, or so I thought.

My daughter asked me if the store sold Jordan’s. She’s perfectly capable of asking for herself, but she insisted I ask the salesman. No, they didn’t sell Jordan’s, but he pointed us to a shoe store across the street. My daughter will be playing on an American Youth Basketball Tour team this summer and her old basketball shoes are too small and also worn out. I still wasn’t sold on the idea of a very expensive pair of shoes, but she wanted them for her birthday, so I went along with it. Perhaps they really are superior to the less expensive brands which would make the purchase more palatable.

We walked into the store which was half basketball shoes and half clothing. It was all for men and I wondered how many of the men who bought the shoes played on anything resembling a basketball team. It seemed more like the shoes were just for show. The saleswoman asked my daughter what her shoe size was and we told her 9 and a half, since the shoes were in men’s sizing. She paused and asked my daughter what her women’s shoe size was and upon hearing 10 and a half, she tilted her head and asked, “for you?”. My daughter ducked her head and said yes.

At last we were on our way home, my daughter with two more pairs of shoes and my wallet a little lighter. I was soon to discover that another pair is needed. I put off my long run until Sunday because the weather was more promising, actually into the high forties. The day warmed slowly, but finally around 3 p.m. I got out into the pure sunshine to run eleven miles. I had only gotten in one run in the past week, and it was a short one. I’d sped up the treadmill to a 10-minute mile and I was pleased that I could get through three miles faster than I’ve run since I was a teenager, but it did leave me pretty sore.image

By the seventh mile, I was regretting that I’d slacked off in my training for the week. By the ninth I was reminding myself with every step that I’d run ten just the week before. When I hit eleven, I stopped and texted one word to my daughter…thirsty. That did not get the point across, so I clarified. I was rewarded with a tall glass of ice water when I stepped inside.

As I pondered my difficulties, my average speed was around twelve and a half minutes per mile, it dawned on me that I just may need new shoes.

Find the Joy in the Journey…and the joy in buying new shoes!


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