Singing in The D–Not Quite My Second Singles Mixer

A friend recently approached me about my comfort level working with a matchmaker. Hmm…never thought about that. My friend claimed that her friend, the matchmaker, was a delightful woman who “knew everybody” in town. Well, I was a bit skeptical, but then she told me that her friend was holding her first-ever singles mixer. She asked me if I was interested in going. It was to be a singing event. I couldn’t quite fathom how singing in a group would lead to interesting conversations, but I said I was in. After all, I want to be open to new experiences.

I recruited a friend to go with me and we drove into the city to Corktown to a dive bar with an open stage on a Wednesday night. We drove over the potholes in the parking lot and found a spot. Walking along the front of the building I found the door with the address of the bar, but it wasn’t otherwise marked. I pulled it open anyway and stepped in to be greeted by someone collecting $10 for the event and putting wristbands on wrists.

We wandered past the bar to the back room where we were greeted by the vibrant matchmaker who introduced herself and had us fill out name tags. We spent a moment talking about our mutual friend…each described the other as the most wonderful person…definitely an upper.

My girlfriend and I looked around and saw two open barstools by the stage. We put down our coats and I turned to one of the only men in the room and asked him if this were his first time coming. He explained that the matchmaker was his brother’s mother-in-law. I looked around and saw his (married) brother and two other men. Women streamed into the room…no more men arrived.

During the next hour and a half, we sang many motown songs with the help of a DJ. The man related to the matchmaker was clearly there under duress and one of the other single men slipped out early on, leaving only one man game enough to sing with a roomful of women, some of whom danced.

Near the end, my friend whispered that she’d buy me a glass of wine at our favorite wine bar on the way home if we left right after the last song. So it was that I smiled, charmingly, at the only man left standing as I exited stage left.

We enjoyed the evening, but as a singles mixer, it was a total fail. Just imagine…the people attracted to such an event are predominantly female…and to my observation, the average age was into the sixties. I was the youngest woman there by many years, although the lone male appeared to be in his early forties.

And so it was that I spent a pleasant evening with a very dear friend…and met no one at all. The next question is whether or not I will fill out the matchmaker’s questionaire and put myself in her hands for introductions. Why not?

Find the Joy in the Journey…and Journey with an open heart!



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