Another Lovely Day

It’s weird to say a day that started at 3 degrees Fahrenheit and me late for a race could be “lovely”, but it was anyway.

Yes, once again, I was late for a race. I really need to find someone to go to these races with me, someone who will make sure I double check the start time and force a discussion on when we should leave. This is the third race since October that I’ve run with the same race company on the same route…but this time they pulled ahead the entire schedule by a half hour…thus throwing me off.

I got there just as wave one of the 10k took off. They designated it only for the runners doing the “Dubliner Double”, a back-to-back 10k and 5k. I’d love to do one, but they aren’t feasible until you get to a ten-minute-mile pace or better.

I got into the crowd waiting to run the 10k and froze for ten minutes before the next wave started. I did ok, keeping warmish, but I hadn’t positioned myself forward enough and ended up in wave three. By the time we started my hands were particularly cold and my legs were stiff.St. Patrick's Day 10k Medal

I finished a bit over my usual pace, so that could be disappointing, but I still feel good. I’ve never run at all when the temperature is below 32 (fear of slipping and breaking a leg), and I ran at 3 degrees…Certainly not an ideal temperature for a fast pace.  It’s just another step in my half-marathon training.

I drove home, took a shower, rousted my daughter out of bed, and went to church. Our church was founded by Irish immigrants and the school mascot is the Shamrock. We were pleasantly surprised to find that there was a St. Patrick’s Day celebration after Mass in the Parish Hall. We met a few new people, enjoyed some Irish-inspired food, and also enjoyed watching a young girl dance a soft-shoe Irish dance and then change her shoes and give us a lovely tap dance.

Back home, we put together a minestrone in the Crockpot and then, being exhausted, I rested for an hour, watching an episode of Ashes to Ashes. I reserve it for my treadmill runs, but decided I deserved a “freebie” for my morning 10k at 3 degrees. Then, off to the End of Season Basketball Party back at church. Last year, at the same event, I pulled my calf-muscle doing basketball drills, so I was a bit wary. I wrote about in A Break From Running–My First Sports Injury. This year, we did shooting drills and then a 30-minute parents-versus-kids game. Thankfully I survived sans injury and the parents only lost by 2 points.

It was an emotional scene at the end as the coach brought each girl up and lauded her successes and progress during the season. The three eighth grade girls, including my own, were especially wished well. All were invited to train in the school gym over the summer. As we left, my daughter hugged as many teammates as she could and left with tears in her eyes.

Back home, we dug in to the lovely soup as we watched two episodes of Psych, our latest TV –on-DVD obsession.

I strive to treasure every day. Sometimes it’s hard…the pressures of the day can really work against me….but more and more I am focusing on the here and now and appreciating the blessings in my life. Sometimes the simplest things turn out to be the most important.

Find the Joy in the Journey…whether it is at 3 degrees, at an unexpected introduction, or at an end of season party…All are good!


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