Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, It’s Off To The Gym I Go

Hard to believe that a month has gone by since I had my fitness assessment at the gym and I’ve not been back since. Time to change that. Getting in some weight training every week is the next step in improving my health and, hopefully, improving my running. I intend to go on a regular basis once I get started, which has led me to some procrastination over the last month with the result of not going at all. The longer I wait, the less I remember about what I’m supposed to do and the more I stress about going. But today was the day.

One problem I have is finding the time to get to the gym. There’s not enough time after dropping my daughter off at school to go before work. There’s not enough time to go after work and still get my daughter on time. I am considering going during lunch, but meanwhile I’m taking advantage of my schedule whenever I can. Today is a snow day for  my daughter, so no drop-off or pick-up conflicts. I packed my gym bag with workout gear (it has just my swimming stuff in it otherwise) and tossed it in the car. During the day, a thousand and one excuses popped in my head to deter me from going, but I went anyway.

At the gym, I changed and headed for the weight-lifting area. I tried to walk confidently as if I knew exactly what I was doing. First I found the little file box with the work-out plans in it. I found mine and grabbed a pen then walked over to the upper-body machines. A month since I’d learned to use them and they all looked the same. I knew that the names of the machines were written on them and soon found one to match my list of exercises. Fortunately, there were also pictures of how to use them. I adjusted the seat, adjusted the weights, and started into the workout.

I reminded myself multiple times that this was just my first time and not to get discouraged at how hard it was. At least it is not a time-consuming activity and you get to rest for a minute between reps. On one machine, I had to adjust the weight from 60 pounds to 25. I couldn’t even imagine building up to 60, but you never know. One step at a time. One workout at a time.

I went from machine to machine and eventually got through all of them. I had only done one set of ten reps during  my assessment, and this time I was to do three sets of 12. I had to adjust the weights down from what I’d done before on a couple of machines because they were just too heavy, but I finished my sets. My arms, shoulders, and chest were definitely feeling the burn. When I stood up, even my legs were wobbly. I headed toward the locker room, thinking I’d do my core work at home rather than on the mat in the middle of all the men lifting weights. That would have worked, too, if I’d remembered to do them when I got home.

Find the Joy in the Journey…and in overcoming your own fears to start something new.



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