Stay-cation Indulgences

My new mantra is reading, writing, and running with a few other things thrown in for balance. So, as I start day 3 of my 23-day stay-cation, I want to do a little of each every day. I didn’t start out too well on Saturday, getting no running and little reading in, but I did write my blog post. For the “other”, I made a donation to St. Vincent de Paul which also helped in my de-cluttering efforts.

On Sunday, day two, I did a bit better. I ran on my treadmill for three miles at an easy pace. Then I went to church, walking through the mostly snow-covered sidewalks to and from. The streets were finally clear, I’d heard the plows come through around 6 a.m. Back home, I got out the snow shovel and started clearing my very long driveway. About a quarter of the way through, I went in for lunch and recruited my younger daughter to help me with the rest. After over an hour, we finally cleared the driveway and sidewalk. The apron is always the worst as the plows throw compacted slush which is very heavy and hard to move.

I definitely met the running/exercising portion of my day. Later, my daughter and I went out Christmas shopping and I realized just how far behind I was. I also realized that Christmas shopping with a child is a challenge. Although we were looking for gifts for her siblings, she couldn’t help but point out all the things she wanted and that I should buy her “right now’. Sigh.

As for writing, I worked on the first draft of this post. I do want to put aside some major chunks of time during my time off to write more extensively. I have so many ideas about my novel that I really need to re-write it and build on my latest ideas and learnings. That is my challenge to myself over the next few weeks.

For the reading portion, I picked up Divergent by Veronica Roth. Yet another dystopian series of young adult books which is now a major motion picture. I happen to like young adult literature and I also like dystopian literature, so it’s a natural for me. I sped through the first seven chapters in one sitting.

Cookie RecipesI still wanted to get to some household project, but I was tired and rather sore from shoveling. Even so, I’d bought baking ingredients the day before, so I decided to make cookie dough. I made three kinds: Chocolate Drops, Russian Tea Cakes, and Sugar Cookies. The dough is in the refrigerator ready for baking.

This morning, I got up in time to run on the treadmill before taking my daughter to school…I see people running outside, and the cold (and it is really cold, in the single digits) doesn’t stop me. They are invariably running in the street, as it is now plowed and salted and a more predictable surface than the sidewalks, but it just seems too dangerous for me. I’m catching up on some favorite TV shows while I run, anything to get my mind off of the treadmill.

Find the Joy in the Journey…do at least one thing you enjoy every day!


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