Milking It For All It’s Worth

I didn’t spend so many months preparing for my 50th birthday just to have it over in a day. I spent two and a half years writing this blog, exploring my inner and outer self. I’ve learned a lot about myself and made some progress in moving to the place/self I want to be. I’m not done yet, and my 50th birthday isn’t the be-all or end-all for me. No, I’m going to milk this milestone birthday for all it’s worth and then I’m going to keep on enjoying it even after I have to keep it to myself to keep from losing all my friends.

The first thing I did this morning was drive my older kids to the airport. Thanksgiving break is over and I kept the older two until the last possible second, but eventually they had to leave…the oldest to catch a bus that makes the rounds of a few colleges and would deliver him back to his new neighborhood. My older daughter had to catch a flight back to St. Louis where she intended to climb right into her dorm bed for a nap. Before she got out of the car, however, she handed me a custom CD labeled “50 Years Young”. A lovely surprise, and a welcome addition to my mix-tape collection (the only other being one she made me for Mother’s Day).

I dreaded going back to work after almost a week off, so it was a lovely surprise to get to work and find this:

Birthday Queen Tiara

In addition to the Birthday Queen tiara, they had hung banners, filled my office with colorful balloons, and strung streamers from the ceiling with Mylar “50’s”  from ceiling to floor. It was very festive! Then the women I work with appeared at my cubicle and handed me a card…inside was a paid registration to a half-marathon in April that I’ve talked about running. Now I have no excuses and my running will have to be a priority…they know me so well! They also brought Baskin-Robbins “cake bites” which were tiny ice cream cakes which we later cut up and shared.

I’m dreaming up ways to make my celebration last. So far I have gift cards to spend and even a gift lost in the mail to anticipate. Some of my friends, who hit this milestone before me, are taking a few of us “newbies” out to celebrate in mid-December. I think I can milk this for some time to come! When the goodwill runs out, I will just have to plan some special things on my own.

So far I’ve come up with a massage (never had one…makes me nervous so definitely something to push myself into), weekend getaways (just need a dog sitter), girls nights out, reuniting with my college roommates, reuniting with my high school friends, celebrating every family moment I can (including my niece’s wedding).

I also want to celebrate by giving back, by celebrating stewardship. I want to celebrate by reveling in the company of my children. I want to celebrate by reading, by listening to music, by losing myself in art. Basically, I want to continue my 50 by 50 and see celebration in every step of my journey.

Find the Joy in the Journey…find the Joy in YOUR journey!



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