Of Headless Squirrels and Bengay…Not My Best Week

As I look back over the last year of my life, I have had some set-backs. Those nut moths? They are still around, albeit in smaller numbers. My Were-dog? This week she re-emerged. My three-month training to run a half-marathon? Major set-back at the last minute. I’m staying positive, but sometimes that’s tough. Thankfully I have a good sense of humor!

The nut moths will require me to once-again strip out my pantry and find the offending food source. I no longer have much in the way of nuts and my cereal products, including flour and baking mix, are secured in Tupperware. Nevertheless, there is some source somewhere for the moths to feed. More on that later when I have the time to figure it out.

A while ago, I wrote about my sweet shelter dog and how she is also a Were-dog. She’s been pretty good this Summer, but she did kill a ground hog early in the Summer. It was fairly large, more an adolescent than a baby. My neighbors, I later learned, tried to trap the mother who has built her den on my fence-line for two years now. She’s too big for the city traps. When I mentioned, a bit uneasily, that my dog had killed one of her offspring, they cheered. I see their point.

I really don’t have an issue with the cycle of life, especially when it eliminates a nuisance. So, although it’s rather astonishing that my dog can catch a squirrel in my fenced-in yard (she’s apparently ready to challenge cheetah’s for the land-speed record) I really don’t want to witness the aftermath. I suspect she often refuses to come in when she’s out of sight because she’s feasting on a kill. But yesterday morning, I went to let her in after her morning constitutional and saw her chewing on a squirrel at the bottom of the steps. I called her inside and she, very reluctantly, left her second breakfast to obey me. It was garbage day, so I scooped the headless squirrel up into a small trash bag and took it to the curb…but the truck had already been through…

20130919-190112.jpgFrankly, though, the headless squirrel was not the worst part of my week. On Tuesday, I started my last week of the Hal Higdon Novice 2 Half-Marathon training…the race is Sunday. I only had to run three miles, but three quarters of a mile later, an old calf injury resurfaced and, limping, I headed home. I’ve rested, elevated, iced, stretched, taken mega-doses of ibuprofen…and finally bought some Bengay. I fully intend to run the race, but if I have to bail-out I’ll find another half-marathon to run in the next month anyway. There’s no stopping me!

Find the Joy in the Journey…even if it involves headless squirrels and stinky Ben Gay…Find a way to succeed!


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