Getting My Ears Pierced With My Teen

I had my ears pierced when I was 12 and it was a major milestone for me. Last year, I had plastic surgery to repair my torn earlobes. I wrote about the surgery and my embarrassing moments when I returned from the lunchtime surgery and bled all over myself while standing in front of my whole department making a presentation)

I’ve been so busy, that I’ve not taken the time to get to the mall and get my ears re-pierced, but I do want to be able to wear earrings by my birthday, so I was running out of time. My younger daughter was all over the idea, and wanted one of her ears re-pierced as the hole had grown over. So, we planned to go today. My daughter, of course, had many ulterior motives (and you KNOW that with my “Directioner”, One Direction was involved…)

First, we went to the bank where she withdrew a large sum of money…for One Direction purchases. Hmmm. Next we went to the mall and started at Claire’s. Wow, they have a lot of One Direction merchandise. They weren’t, however, aware that the “One Direction: This Is Us” movie had premiered that very day and were a bit surprised at all the traffic in One Direction merchandise. Fatal mistake!

imageI quickly moved ahead with my ear piercing…no need for hand holding, I figured if I could listen to the plastic surgeon cutting my earlobes open with scissors and stitching them up for about 20 minutes, a few seconds to be pierced was nothing. I was right. Next it was my daughter’s turn and suddenly she got squeamish. She mentioned the bump in the back of her earlobe and they were worried it was a keloid. Now, I’d already consulted the newly-minted MD in the family about my lobes…a couple of little bumps…maybe keloids, but maybe undissolved stitches from my surgery. In either case, my doctor-niece was not concerned saying the the needle would just push aside the hard spot without incident.

In the end, the ear piercer’s manager recommended a new piercing adjacent to the old one. She found a spot that wouldn’t interfere with the bump/keloid. The piercing was a success. So, now my daughter and I are all set with our newly re-pierced ears! My daughter immediately picked out some One Direction earrings…and a charm bracelet, a wallet, socks (really!), and a mini-stand-up of Naill. She was in heaven. Fortunately all the One Direction merchandise was on sale plus she got a 50% off coupon for getting her ear pierced.

I thought I was scott-free at that point, but no…we HAD to go to Hot Topic. We searched and searched for it on the directory and ultimately found it under “women’s apparel”…ha! My daughter found several new items to buy and I looked around, agog, at the odd merchandise that could be considered clothing for women…lots of t-shirts, lots of goth-like jewelry, and twenty-something workers with odd piercings (not available at Claire’s). There were also lots of Disney-themed clothes in adult fashions like mini skirts, tank tops, and bustiers. Next door was a shop called Justice…we didn’t even venture into it although I know that my girls have shopped there.

Who knew that my quick trip to the mall to get my ears pierced would result in a cultural revolution for me! I think the next five years of lots of one-on-one with my “baby” will be very instructive! And, right, wrong, or indifferent, I will be semi-conversant in “teen speak” for several more years!

Find the Joy in the Journey…jump into life!


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