Lollygagger Laggard

This weekend, I planned to relax and catch up on my sleep…some good old lollygagging. I also planned to get back to the de-cluttering. I was sending my brain mixed messages for sure. Things started out fine, but went awry from there. No surprise that as a busy person, I felt I was a laggard for relaxing and as a lollygagger, I wasn’t so successful either.

I did sleep later than normal, but was up at 7 on Saturday to ensure that my son and younger daughter were up and ready to go to the basketball tournament an hour and a half away. Surprisingly, they were both up and ready. I made sure my daughter had lots of water and Gatorade and that they both had the lunches I’d made. Well, ok, I didn’t make them lunches, I’d bought them Lunchables…there was even a super-sized one for my son. I figured that even though I’ve never bought them before, this was a special, lollygagging moment for me so that I didn’t have to prepare anything.

Off they went and I lolled back in bed with my iPad to read the paper and play Words with Friends…great Lollygagging ideas. Then the phone rang. My daughter wanted to know why they had gone the five miles required from the MapQuest directions I’d given them and hadn’t hit the highway. I was flabbergasted…my son knew that the tournament was near his college and he’d gone the wrong way right off the bat! We chalked this up to 1) my daughter not really knowing how to navigate yet and thinking that going North on a road called South such-and-such was a bit confusing and 2) my son’s general cluelessness and ability to take directions from his baby sister.

All was well until they called again at 10 a.m. They had arrived, but the team wasn’t there. Not to worry, though, the schedule had changed and the first game was at 11, not 10. Something made send an e-mail to the coach and ask if the schedule had changed. Thank goodness, because in addition to the whole schedule changing, the first two games were at a different high school 15 miles away! So, I talked them through the directions to the other high school. Then my son drove home (with only one call for directions when he got lost). He had planned on staying until 1 when the 2 games would be over, but the schedule change included a much later third game.

I went out for a run…at exactly the wrong time of day. It was 85 degrees and humid, but I ran 6 miles anyway. By the time I’d returned and showered, I realized that my lollygagging was ruined for the day as I had to get in the car and repeat the drive myself. The silver lining was that I got to see the girls play one of their games. I also drove home another girl who would otherwise have had to leave after the second game. As a bonus, her family drove my daughter back to the tournament on Sunday.

So, on Sunday, I tried to lollygag all over again. I was feeling bored and lazy. I wasn’t accomplishing any of the things I’d planned. I wasn’t tidying the garden or the kitchen, the two things on my hit list. Instead, I went through some stacks of papers, filing/shredding/tossing and noticing no real reduction in clutter, but a tiny sense of more order.  

While I would love a real vacation, one away from home, as long as I’m home I don’t think I can achieve a perfect state of lollygagging. The distractions are many and the reminders of unfinished projects are all around.

Find the Joy in the Journey…and keep looking for the Holy Grail of relaxing days in the middle of a busy life!


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