De-Cluttering Cardio

Who knew that de-cluttering could be such a great work-out? I am working up to cleaning out my closet and sorting through the 5 or 6 different sizes of clothing lurking there…a really emotional task for me, but getting more doable the more weight I lose. In the meantime, I had a spare bedroom closet to clean out to facilitate everything.

Inside, I found a lot of old children’s clothing and the world’s largest cache of wire hangers. The first thing I did was tote three armfuls of wire hangers to my recycling bin. I’m not sure the waste company really wants wire hangers, but too bad, they are about to get a large number of them. This exercise included going up and down the stairs three times. I still don’t have my replacement FitBit (first one died), but regardless, I know that I got my cardio in.

Next, I sorted through the clothes. I ended up with two bags of trash and four big handled shopping bags full of clothes to donate.  Some of these clothes I had set aside to give to a friend, but her daughter was much larger than a typical toddler of her age at the time and they were too small by the time I went to give them to her. So, although I’d gotten them out of my attic, they ended up in the spare bedroom closet for the last few years.

Some of the things I found were just random items I found in the course of cleaning up. I’d stashed them in the closet because it was easier than putting them up in the attic. I have otherwise given away all of the baby and children’s clothes and this was my last stash. I had also saved the very nicest things when I’d given away the rest of the clothes…and those pieces were piled up in the closet too. This time, I was ruthless. I have no one to give them to and I am not going to save them any longer.

With every armful of clothes, I marched up and down the stairs. I uncovered long-hidden dust bunnies and that meant more trips up and down the stairs with the dustpan and broom and eventually the vacuum. Who needs a stair-master?

Next I approached my own closet and collected all the things that didn’t belong there. Many trips later and I’d filled up the spare closet and made a big dent in my own.

It’s funny how one project begets so many others, but at least all of these projects lead to the same end…a less cluttered home. I know that the clothing I am donating to Saint Vincent DePaul will help families in need in two ways…first they will provide clothes for children who can’t afford new things and second, the sales will go to help with other basic needs like food for hungry families. The baby items will end up at the local pregnancy center where they will provide free clothing to young, distressed mothers who may have been turned away by their own families.

So, in the end, I not only got a work-out, I also de-cluttered my home and provided relief to families and need. What an interesting trifecta!

Find the Joy in the Journey…and the exercise potential in everything you do!


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