Weight-Loss–The Small Successes

With a lot of weight to lose, I need constant motivation and feedback to keep going, especially early on. I mentioned in a previous post that in order to lose weight, I have to be a bit obsessive about it, tracking food and exercise, for example. It is on my mind constantly. I suspect I’ll be writing about it frequently, too.

In these early weeks, it’s unlikely that anyone will notice my initial weight loss, so I won’t be getting any positive feedback from my friends and co-workers. I need something to help me keep going, and fortunately I have found some small successes to celebrate.

My clothes are fitting a little bit better; they aren’t so tight anymore. As a matter of fact, some are getting a little loose. I smile to myself when I have to hitch my pants up because they are slipping down my hips. I dress more confidently knowing that I won’t have any buttons popping open. I haven’t lost a dress size yet, but I am encouraged that I’m well on my way. I keep eyeing clothes in my closet, some still with the tags on them, that will fit me soon. What a great incentive!

The number on the scale keeps falling. Even though my weight loss is still modest, I’m seeing numbers on my scale that I haven’t seen in years. Every day I enter my weight into my tracker and then run the report to show a graphic of my weight-loss. Of course, I know my weight-loss by heart, so tracking and graphing it would seem to be unnecessary. Somehow seeing the line dropping day-by-day is very motivating.

I fit into a smaller pair of running shorts. The other day, the only clean pair of running shorts I had was a size too small…except that it wasn’t.  I pulled them on and they fit just fine, not tight at all. This is my first success at fitting into a smaller size. I ran three miles in them, and felt fitter and slimmer already. I’m tempted to try on a few more things that “just might fit”…

The spur in my heel isn’t bothering me anymore. It is the tiniest possible thing…a hooked bit of bone curling out of the bottom of my heel bone; even on the X-ray, I could hardly see it. Because of that little spur I couldn’t walk around barefoot and had to add heel pads in my shoes. Recently, I’ve noticed that the pain is virtually gone, even when I’m walking barefoot on my hardwood floors. I am hopeful that my arthritic knee will also soon benefit from my weight-loss…I’m just not sure what the threshold is, but I haven’t hit it yet.

All of these small successes add up to one happy person. I can see and feel my progress, only three weeks into my weight-loss program. I am confident that I can continue my new healthy habits and add new ones as time goes by.

Find the Joy in the Journey and don’t worry too much about the destination…you’ll get there eventually!


2 thoughts on “Weight-Loss–The Small Successes

  1. Congratulations on your successes and on being able to value them. Sending you lots of motivation for the rest of your journey!

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