Couch Potato to Runner–My Fallow Week

When I finished the race last week, I felt pretty good, but stiff. I awoke in the middle of the night from the soreness in my legs, and the soreness persisted for several more days. I decided not to run until I was back to normal, to give my muscles time to heal. I found that I missed the running and felt guilty and a bit worried about skipping so many days. Would I lose ground? Would I give up?

Well, by Saturday I was fine and wanted to get back onto my normal running schedule, but I was off-kilter again because my husband had taken an unexpected business trip and then a change of plans while away and, yes, once again he is in the negative spiral of not being able to get a flight, or the one he gets is ultimately canceled.

I know that I said last week that I was going to take action instead of fretting, but I hadn’t heard from him since the previous night and I hung around waiting for him to get up and call me. When he did call, I felt better and got my running clothes on. Then I got a text from my younger daughter, who’d gone home with a friend after school on Friday and needed to be picked up. So, I drove across town and got her and when we got home it was raining and pretty cold.

I waited out the rain and got a text that my husband had landed, but that there was no jetway. I decided to change into warmer running clothes and headed out for my run hoping that when I returned he’d have already boarded and taken off for the second leg of his trip home.

As I ran, I told myself that when I got to the turn-around point of my 3 mile run, I’d take the shorter way back if I wasn’t up to a full three miles. I thought about how I dreaded the running and found it difficult to get started, but once I got going, I was in a zone and could manage it. It wasn’t until I’d already turned around and was on the second half of my run that I realized that while my brain was busy thinking other things, my body had decided to run the full 3 miles. An upbeat song came on my iPod and I found myself smiling. How ironic that I “hate” to exercise, yet find myself smiling in the midst of it?

When I got home, I checked my phone and learned that the jetway problem took over 20 minutes to resolve, and although my husband was first off the plane and sprinted to the next gate…he missed his connection. Meanwhile, my daughter, never one to have an unplanned evening, had made plans for me to take her 30 miles away to meet a girl from an hour away at a movie theater and then bring both of them home again. (The fact that she had dinner waiting for me when I got home should have been a clue that she’d gone ahead with her plans despite my telling her that I had to run and we couldn’t possibly make the movie time.)

So, I decided to let them see the movie on their own and find a place to sit and write. The run and this blog were the only things on my to do list today, so better late than never I am writing it. I find myself surprised at my dedication to keep on running. I’ve decided to slow down on my ambitions to get to a 10k distance. Instead, knowing that last year I stopped running altogether after Thanksgiving, my goal will be to still be running 5k’s in the Spring without a lapse.

Find the Joy in the Journey and roll with the punches!


3 thoughts on “Couch Potato to Runner–My Fallow Week

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