Finding My Muse

Sometimes I have a lot of trouble coming up with a blog topic. Actually, it is a frequent occurrence which explains why I sometimes write long series’ of posts which take the issue of a topic out of the equation. Most recently I wrote eleven posts about Ecuador, eight as a travelogue. My muse is close to me when I travel, even if I am traveling for work; I am outside of my normal routine and open to new experiences.

I’m also finishing up a series on my experience with C25k, Couch to 5k, as I’ve worked my way up to running for 30 consecutive minutes. My muse is out there with me on the road to the point where sometimes I don’t even realize that I’ve been listening to the same song over and over again!

I have at least a dozen half-written posts, including the one I had planned for today. I recently read that if you can’t finish a piece, it really isn’t inspiring you and probably won’t be any good. So, I will spare you the piece I was writing for today! I go back to the half-written pieces occasionally to see if there is something there to pick up and re-write, but so far the abandoned pieces remain as they are.

Sometimes I find inspiration at the office, as I did when I wrote When Did Dress-For-Success Go from Job Hunt to Man Hunt?, but usually work is not my inspiration for writing this blog as I have chosen not to write about my work or anything else that makes me too identifiable…which is odd given that most of my readers are personal friends or acquaintances from work!

Accomplishing things on my 50 by 50 list is always inspiring to me, but lately I seem to be flying by the seat of my pants through my life!  So be it, I’m hanging on for the ride. I had thought that August would be my calm-time of the year, but this year has been so crazy that I’ve put off a lot of things I should have taken care of along the way and now August is fraught with festering problems.

When I have the time to read, I find my muse in the writings of old favorites or new discoveries. I love it when the story is compelling, but the writing is even more so…the skill of some writers to write on multiple levels and so eloquently just blows me away and makes me smile.

My children are also a source of much inspiration, but I do have to limit what I write about them for their own privacy. More often, I will write about how they affect me, especially as they get older and are starting to leave the nest, as I did last fall in Letting Go—As My First Child Goes Off To College.

I have tried writing some pieces about my commuter marriage, but I find that I am not sarcastic enough to pull-off turning the depressing reality into something amusing. And unfortunately I haven’t found anything truly amusing about the situation. I even got a call from the Anderson Cooper Show about being in a commuter marriage. My brush with fame that never came to anything…and probably better off so.

So, here I am today…with a post on coming up with a topic!

Find the Joy in the Journey, even if it is just being amused by musing about the muses!


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