Packing for Ecuador or Romancing the Stone?

Finally, my husband is home to pack for our trip to Ecuador. I’ve been working on and off to plan the trip and at one point decided that the key elements were in place and for the rest, we would figure it out once we were there. We have our plane tickets to and from. We have our plane tickets and hotel reservations for our trip to the Galapagos Islands. I’ve planned a rough itinerary to take us from Quito to Cuenca to Guayaquil to Galapagos back to Guayaquil then over to Salinas and up to Mantra and back to Quito. Note that we are not going to the jungle, although I understand that the jungle may approach us, in the form of various creepy crawlers, when we are in the Southeastern part of the country.

So, Sunday was the first day my husband has had to think about the trip and what to pack, since he’s been traveling almost non-stop for business and a week of family vacation since the beginning of the year. The first thing he did was to buy some Teflon-coated pants and shirt from the Army surplus store. Hmm. So, I returned with him to the store where he bought an enormous backpack and I bought my own pair of Teflon-coated pants…this is starting to sound like a trip to the jungle to me. It reminds me of Romancing the Stone a movie that I loved from the moment I first saw it.

If you don’t know the story of this 1984 movie, it involves a woman romance writer Joan Wilder, played by Kathleen Turner, and a nefarious, but sexy, adventurer called Jack Colton played by Michael Douglas, who makes his money smuggling birds and other contraband.  She is not prepared for the jungles of Columbia, but starts off on an intrepid adventure to ransom her sister with a treasure map, in a twist on life being stranger than fiction.

So, now I am picturing our trip on a bit more adventurous note…seeing myself as Joan, the romance novelist (well, I have no interest in the romance genre, but otherwise like the allusion!) and my husband as Jack (well, not as a womanizer, but as prepared for the intrepid life of an explorer).  I am picturing myself, like Joan, lugging inappropriate luggage and breaking the heels off of my shoes in the jungle mud as my much better prepared counterpart leaves me in the dust.

In the climax of the movie, Jack dives a hundred feet into a river to chase an alligator that has swallowed the “stone”, an enormous diamond, leaving Joan behind…but later he sails down her street on a yacht pulled along by a truck, sporting boots made from the unlucky alligator and defying the idea that he romanced her to gain the stone, he shows up in full romantic style, to claim her heart.

Wow, I’ve just set myself up for two possible problems…not being able to keep up (San Francisco proved that I cannot keep up with my much fitter husband) and, well, setting myself up to believe that this is going to be an incredibly romantic adventure! I think I’ll take my chances, but don’t expect me to write about how my husband wrestled an alligator, because he is really no Jack Colton! And that is a good thing.

Find the Joy in the Journey and follow along as I explore my own romantic trip to South America!

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