A Look Back at 2011

Before I start to put down my plans for 2012, I need to reflect back on the year and see where I’ve succeeded and where I’ve failed and why. There’s no use doing the same things over and over again and expect to see different results; which, to paraphrase Albert Einstein, is the definition of insanity. I certainly see that I need to make some changes if I want to see different results…my problem seems to be one of motivation. So, what went right this year?

The work I’ve done on my home has been very gratifying, mostly because I see a real improvement in pockets of the house. I’ve given away a lot of clothing and other items and recycled or pitched quite a bit too. It’s been most successful with my linen closet and mudroom. I also got quite a bit of painting done this year, but not as much as I would have liked. It’s been mostly trim work that I’ve done, and it was especially gratifying to pull the old painters’ tape off of my bedroom windows and have crisp white frames to look at instead of half-painted frames with blue tape on the windows. Painting the inside of my linen closet pale blue is also something that makes me smile every time I see it…and since the closet door is usually folded open, I see it a lot!

Writing my blog has been the accomplishment that has made me shine the most. I am shocked, really, at how much I love it and how much time I spend on it. I know I can do a much better job if I get more organized about it…something to think about for next year. Meanwhile, this is my 108th post since the end of May. When I started out, I think I envisioned maybe this many posts in the entire two-and-a –half-year project! Working on my novel has been slow and frustrating, but I’m glad I pushed through a few more chapters and kept it alive.

Traveling for work was difficult and rewarding this year. I really made progress on my work goals to pull together my global team and I was very lucky to be able to travel to China, Mexico, and Brazil this year which helped me greatly in succeeding in this important goal. Traveling overseas is something that I love, and although I love having my trip paid for by my company and getting to do a bit of sightseeing on the side, I far prefer to travel with my husband or my whole family. This is another thing to think about for the coming year.

I have been reading more and listening to music more than I have in years. Both of these things are enriching and fill a need in me that I forgot that I had. I’ve also spent more time with friends, tapping back into the lives of two friends whom I’ve known for over twenty years. Through them I’ve expanded my social circle and am even planning a wine tasting party with them.

Now, what about those things that are not going so well? The biggest, no pun intended, is my lack of progress in losing weight and maintaining a healthy exercise program. This is one of those things where, I do the same things over and over…with no change in outcome. Actually, for a while there, I did make a big effort to exercise regularly, but that change did not affect the outcome either. Definitely this is an area that I really need to re-think and plan for in the coming year.

Another area of continuing opportunity is keeping myself organized…I hate to admit it, but my desk is a bigger mess than ever! Some areas of my house are definitely more organized as I mentioned above, but others are out of control. The key here is keeping up with things, and properly maintaining things. My mudroom looks pretty good still, but one big gust of wind as my son opened the door threw the door into the wall and shattered the doorknob pad I’d installed…It’s a small thing, but I need to fix that up so that at least that one small corner of my house stays nice as I move onto other areas.

So, for the next few days I’ll be working on what I can do differently next year and laying out my plans. Finding the Joy in the Journey is becoming a way of life for me…It’s not that I literally “find” joy, but in my pursuit to live a more aware life, sometimes the Joy comes to find me!

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