I’m Moving to the Clouds and I’m Not Coming Back!

I am a list maker. I have an enormous To Do List in the form of a composition book. I like to look through it every once and a while and feel a sense of accomplishment for all the items I’ve crossed off. I’ve even been known to add an item to the list JUS T SO I can cross it off! The things on this list are important things, but they are not urgent things. To me, urgent things are either completely unexpected (rare) or things that happened because I never did the important things that would have prevented the urgent situation (fairly common). This list is an attempt to assure I do the important things. I also use my calendar extensively. I would take it to the clouds too, but because it’s housed at my company’s server, it’s over on its own cloud which I can only access through my work computer or my cell phone.

But back to my lists…I have many including lists for:

  • Groceries
  • Things to buy
  • Frequent traveler numbers
  • Employee ID numbers of childcare services I’ve used
  • Vacation days
  • Books to read
  • Music I like
  • Gift ideas
  • Gifts received and thank you notes written
  • Summer program ideas for my kids
  • Assignments for work
  • Assignments for my non-profit work
  • Blog ideas
  • Ideas for my 50 by 50
  • People to send Christmas cards to
  • People to send Hanukah cards to
  • Favorite restaurants

Well, you get the picture…I like my lists. Unfortunately, my lists have taken on a life of their own as I keep separate notebooks for some of these and a bunch are just Outlook notes on my work computer. I find myself lugging along all kinds of notebooks and I find myself printing out interesting things from the internet and keeping all of these things in a tote bag that I haul around with me in case I need to add to a list or need to access some information.

My shoulder aches just thinking about, so I’ve decided to take my lists to the clouds. I signed up for a note taking application and slowly but surely I’m transferring my precious data to the cloud. I’ve only scratched the surface of the functionality available such as tagging information to make it searchable and web-clipping things I want to read later. I’m still learning about the functionality to attach pictures, videos, audio clips, and scanned documents.

It’s time to clean out my tote bag and leave it behind! I am now able to access my information from home, the office, my cell phone, and from my new tablet (as long as there is Wi-Fi available).  Next up is exploring all the ways other people use the note taking application. Some use it for project management, others for workflow…I have a lot of exploring to do with the hopes of becoming more productive with less paper-clutter in my life and an easy way to access any information I’ve stored in the clouds.

Find the Joy in the Journey…even if it takes you to an ethereal world!


2 thoughts on “I’m Moving to the Clouds and I’m Not Coming Back!

    • Mary, it is a big change…but now that I’ve made the leap I’m committed! I did dabble with going back to Franklin-Covey myself, but resisted. I learned a lot from both, though, and incorporate that into my planning process (important vs. urgent for example). Crossing stuff off just feels so good! I figure if I did it I deserve the satisfaction of crossing it off 🙂

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